VodaHits comes with the following features.  Click on a feature below to see sample screenshots:

  • Readiness Report - We provide an analysis of your pages for search engine preparedness.  We check for dozens of common issues that prevent sites from getting listed.

  • Search Term Suggestions - Enter a search term and we'll display how many searches are done on that search term (derived from a database of hundreds of millions of searches).

  • Ranking Report - View your site's ranking in the major search engines along with history.

  • Link Popularity Report - Link popularity is how many other sites link to your site.  It has become one of the most important factors search engines use to determine a site's rank.

  • Broken Link Checker - Broken links are links to pages that are not there.  Search engines penalize sites for broken links.  We provide a broken link checker for your site.  This is important since search engines will not list sites with too many broken links.

  • Meta-tag generator - Meta tags are important in search engine ranking.