Professional Search Engine Submission
  • Step by step tools and tutorials to get your site listed.
  • Submit to hundreds of search engines and directories.
  • Sites optionally resubmitted monthly.
  • Track rankings over time.

Feature and Benefit Details

Search Engine Submission:   We will submit your site once a month or on-demand to hundreds of search engines and directories for one year.  Also, with one click, you can resubmit your site any time you want.  For example, if you are updating your site often, we let you re-submit every time you change your site.  Every submission produces a detailed report on the results.

POWERFUL NEW FEATURE!  Search Term Suggestion Tool:  Use our database of terms that people search for derived from hundreds of millions of searches.  You enter a search term, and we tell you how often people search for it and how much competition there is for the search term.  With this data, we provide a Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) that measures the popularity of a search term against the amount of competition for the search term.  This helps you find niches to maximize your search engine traffic.  This report helps you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered.  Perform many different style searches, including thesaurus-based searches for the most effective keywords.
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Readiness Report:   Find out immediately if there are problems that will keep your site from being listed.  Our spider analyzes your site for common mistakes that stop sites from being listed or hurt your ranking.  These issues were derived from analysis of millions of web pages.

This report produces a checklist of issues to correct and should be run before submitting your site.
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Ranking Report:  See where your site ranks on all the major search engines all in one report.  In addition, we store the results so you can see your site's ranking over time.
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Link Popularity Report:  A site's link popularity is how many other sites link to it.  This has become one of the most important factors search engines use to determine rank, since it is a good indication of how relevant a site is.  See what your site's link popularity is on all the major search engines all in one report.  In addition, we store the results so you can see your site's link popularity over time.
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Broken Link Checker:  NEVER submit a site with broken links.  Search engines penalize you for this and if you have too many broken links, you'll be dropped from the listing.  Get unlimited access to our broken link checker. 
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Meta Tag Generator: Major search engines rely on the information in your meta tags to determine your ranking.  This tool generates meta tags optimized for search engines.
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